"Hi Jennifer,
...My kids are so excited to get started they have already practiced piano and done their reading and made their beds.  Go figure!  All my previous attempts failed--I think success is finally here.  They loved the personalization of their magnetic name plates--lets hope they stick with it.  I am hoping the summer will establish the healthy habit so once school starts again we will have a good routine in place. Thanks for creating this.  Love supporting a family business too!


Childrens Chore Chart


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As parents, we are the ultimate teacher....we teach our children how to live independently.  To help parents with such an enormous task, we created the responsibility station, which organizes three large life lessons into one sleek organized board: independent living (household chores and daily living activities), accountability/ownership of action, and financial responsibility (give, save, and spend the money you earn).  We designed the stations to be engaging to children, incorporating the Fisherkids four Cs: Curiosity, Challenge, Creativity, and life lessons in a Controlled environment.

The station combines two philosophies behind household chores/responsibilities:
1) there are many tasks we do each day simply because we are a part of the family.  We are not reimbursed or paid money for these tasks, we do them because we love our family and want to succeed.

2) inevitably, we all need to learn how to EARN and MANAGE money.  So instead of "allowing" your child money, you will ask your son or daughter to earn it, account for it, then learn how to handle it.

We also believe that a chore is not necessarily just cleaning the house or pulling weeds from the yard.  Think about all the things you needed to learn to do to live on your own and function independently: cleaning, sure....but also grocery shopping, cooking, gardening, taking care of your car, even something like checking the batteries in the smoke alarms!  There are so many things we take for granted but we must teach our children (age-appropriately of course). 

Finally, we believe that we all start projects with gusto and wind up eventually out of steam.  So we keep you updated with monthly newsletters (full of tips, advice, motivation, sales, product releases, etc) as well as social media announcements. 

Thank you for checking us out....it is only with support of fellow parents and word of mouth referrals that we will succeed.  We are truly humbled.

Watch our introductory video before you decide to buy.  We explain how the system works, why we designed it the way we did, and *bonus* you even get to meet our Nana!

How many children per board? How do I introduce this to my family? Please read our most frequently asked questions, but should you not find the answer, give us a shout!

We really aren't that interesting....but should you decide to judge for yourself, please, by all means, read on!

Download our Parent's Guide to help you get started with your childrens chore chart.  We discuss why we created this family chore chart and how to make it work for your family.

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"Thank you! BTW, I'm getting my 5 year old hooked up with your system.  She is going gangbusters on wanting to do "chores" and of course loves to get paid.  Your system has done wonders for my other two children (8 and 10).  They are finally learning about giving, spending and saving.

I'll call if I have troubles.




This is our flagship product.  We tried everything with our kids and finally came up with this system that worked like a charm, so we are bringing it to your family!

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Thank you for producing an educational and quality product. The amount of customer care you have provided has been one of the best I have ever seen. I will be recommending this product in the future to all of my friends and family. Thank you again and I hope you have a great Christmas!

We send out monthly newsletters (well....we aim for monthly, but sometimes life gets in the way!), and here you can access our archives.  Lots of topics covered, so dig in!


what's included in a station?

For $48.00*, your child receives: (*price will increase to $52.00 on September 1, 2014)

-1 16"X16" metal pegboard (hanging hardware & 5 pegboard hooks included)

-1 dry-erase responsibility magnet

-3 money bags (give, save, spend)

-1 chore chooser bin

-20 chore sticks (blank for a parent to fill out)

-1 paycheck notepad

-A downloadable Parent's Guide is included

"Hi Jennifer -
First of all, I have just wanted to say that we have been using the responsibility station for years now...It really helps get rid of the complaining about the "daily responsibilities" and more excited about chores.  Plus, it has taught her a lot about her money.  I was so proud of her at the beginning of the school year when they were asking for money for everything when she said, "Mom, I'll pay for my choir uniform shirts, since you're paying for volleyball."  I was astounded.  I told her I was really proud of her and that I appreciated her taking that into consideration... She finally realizes that we cannot have everything we want and that we need to appreciate what we do have.  And I do think a lot of that has come from your system (and maybe a little bit from us)."

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You will LOVE these spinners!  We developed spinners for different parenting situations: consequences, boredom and dinnertime help.  (HINT: the bundle pack is buy 2 get 3!)

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Order our station here!  We also sell accessories for your station to further engage your child and offer more ownership of action.  Check us out!

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"If I fish for you, you eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime."