responsibility stations



top 5 favorite movies:  Black Stallion, Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, Unforgiven, The Professional

if I could have dinner with one famous person it would be:  Ewan McGregor{Oddly this is one of Jennifer's top three celebrity crushes.  She will join him for dinner.}

dream vacation:  Scandinavian cruise

high school mascot:  Windsor Wizards {For real. That was really the mascot}

favorite pastime:  Family...but really watching a movie with family.

if I won the lottery I would:  Travel really, really well

Greg is an uber-talented video production guru (insert shameless plug for his company,  He also graduated from Colorado State University in Sport Science and he isn't using his degree either.  But he is living his passion and continues to tell brilliant stories through the videos, films, and commercials he produces.  He has put up with Jennifer's hair-brained ideas for sixteen years and four years ago, as she explained her newest idea to him, he muttered the words, "I think you've got something there."  Greg is hysterical, but won't perform on command, much to Jennifer's chagrin. 


favorite food: shrimp {you'll draw back a nub should you try to sneak one off my plate}

favorite movie: Rocky

favorite place on earth besides home:  Breckenridge, CO

sign:Capricorn {so is my husband, yet we get along famously}

pet:Westie terriers named Rocky McFabulous and Gary Vonlichtenstein

if I won the lottery I would:be shocked because I never play.

Here are a few more tidbits of info: I married my best friend, Greg, and we are blessed with three hilarious, smart, and usually well-mannered (Anna's armpit rendition of Jingle Bells aside) children.  I received my undergrad biology degree at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and went on to student teach for a semester before taking the first of two major leaps of faith in my life....moving to Colorado, completely out of my comfort zone of family and friends, to receive my Master's degree in Sports Physiology (no, I am not currently using either degree *sigh*).

My Nana said to me as I was wavering about the decision to move, "You never know, Jennifer, you might meet your husband there!"  I scoffed at her all the way to the day, one month later, when I met Greg on a ski trip to Keystone.  It's been a love affair ever since, and he even accepts me for my undying, seasonless love of Cowboy boots (the pointy toe kind).  Together, we have struggled tirelessly and joyfully to raise our children, with trial and error being our primary means of figuring it all out!  We developed a system that worked great for our family, and we are thrilled to share
it with yours.


Nothing seemed to work for us, so we developed our own system to use for our family.  Our kids totally latched on to it, and we kept our sanity, for the most part. We had many friends and family members ask about our "system," and after recounting many times what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, we decided to trial our product with test families. We developed the first prototype to get the product in the homes of as many test families as we could afford (remember....shoestring budget!).  We began a series of feedback surveys to gather information and create a final product.

In November, 2009, we launched our first website.  I remember hitting "PUBLISH" and thinking to myself, "Now, let's just watch the orders roll in."  Comic relief nowadays, but finally, almost two weeks later, we got our first order in Colorado!  Since it was all online and we couldn't frame our first dollar, we printed the order out on metallic green paper and framed that instead!  It was slow-going as we developed a web-presence.  We quickly learned that it's just not as simple as "having a website!"

We have continued to tweak our system as we receive feedback from customers.  We genuinely believe that the best possible customer service and true listening to our customers is the only way we will grove, thrive, and ultimately succeed. 

We hoped that we would sell our initial investment of 250 systems over the span of our lifetime.  Two years later we are ordering containers of product to keep up with demand.  We are truly overwhelmed with the response, honestly in awe of the number of families we have been able to serve, and we are ever grateful for the net you have provided us as we took this giant leap of faith.

Thank you.  We are humbled.


chore chart, tearpads, piggy banks, divided piggy banks, magnetic chore charts, cloth chore charts, dry-erase chore charts, marble jars, sticky notes ...and the list goes on. The problems were many: there were just too many components to coordinate, all in different places all over the house, we would forget to pay, or it was ugly and our vanity made us shove it in a drawer (out of sight, out of mind!). So we combined what we liked from various beliefs and systems and created our first prototype.  We would love to say it was easy as pie and there was no hesitation before we began this journey.  Alas, it hasn't been easy (but SO worth it) and we did hesitate before taking such a leap of faith. We actually hesitated for about two's difficult to jump when you aren't sure if there will be water in the pool!  But after pre-market tests and gobs of support from family, we jumped.  And lo, and behold!  We have landed safely in the water.  Thank you for your support of our mission to help parents raise responsible children.

"If I fish for you, you eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime."