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"If I fish for you, you eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime."

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responsibility stations

Launch of Fisherkids!

Holidays 2009

Chuckapalooza Sale 2009

Summer Sale 2009

We're Famous!  News Review of Fisherkids

What if we fail?...Paying for chores vs expected chores as part of a family

Kids as entrepreneurs...using the add-on kit for more than one child on a board

Tips for success with the little ones...​using the consequence spinner...using the chore sticks

October gift guide

Motivating your child to succeed

Coming Soon: Fisherkids Teen

T.Rowe Price study summary...product spotlights...why are we named fisherkids?

Launch of Fisherkids Teen

The art of giving...testimonial from a parent of a child with learning differences

Perfection vs. reality...using the add-on kit for more than one child on a board​

Free shipping for nana's birthday!

Let your child make mistakes...lessons in cooking and managing dinnertime

Family mealtime...start of the schoolyear

Labor Day Sale

Calling all homeschoolers!

Teaching independence...using fisherkids when super busy...ideas for chore sticks for teens


Ideas to spark up a routine

Should we really pay for chores?...motivating kids...using the chore stick picture tags

Spring break sales​

Using the station with teens...how to use it if your teen also has a job...FAQs on teens

Teenage brain development...ideas for summertime motivation​


Getting back into a routine...lessons about debt

Other names for "chore"...spotlight on giving...naughty/nice spinner

Thanksgiving sale​ 1

Thanksgiving sale 2

Black Friday 2012

Christmas giveaway schedule...the art of giving

Using the station for healthy habits...changing bad habits...using the station for three kids

​Love letters to your kids...what else to call a chore...best ideas for motivation...teen brain

How to introduce the responsibility station to your family...​ideas for the classroom​

Summertime responsibilities...summertime giving

Motivating your child...homeschool station now available...what to do with used chore sticks

Middle schoolers...video blogs

New personalized product designs...video blogs

New year, new responsibilities...new spinner design

What if my child completes all the paid-for responsibilities, but not the daily deeds to help out the family?...chore stick tags

How to get started with the station

Parent's guide link...resources for families

Why are we doing this if it's easier to do it myself...new chore ideas

Chore stick ideas...finding humor in difficult parenting situations

New year, new tasks...how much to share with your kids about the family budget...using the consequence spinner

Budgeting 101...it's ok to say no...Parent's guide link...family resources