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It is our goal to create a system that helps families in the chaotic struggle to raise responsible children.  That said, you certainly know your child best....all recommendations in the fisherkids system are simply guidelines.  Please consider their age, learning ability, hand-eye coordination, and physical and mental stature before implementing the program.  Again, you know your child best....fisherkids is not responsible for chore-related accidents or responsibility learning curve.

frequently asked questions

1.  What ages are best suited to use your responsibility station?
We recommend ages 3-18 for our stations. 

2.  How many children can one board accommodate?
     One board accommodates one child (see below for the add-on kit).  We sent our system out to select test families and one of the most common pieces of feedback we received was that children loved that the station was theirs and theirs alone.  They loved that it was their little nook of the house and they could be totally responsible for it.  We created the nameplates to add to that sense of ownership.  The greater the feeling of ownership, the greater the sense of responsibility.  Additionally, our accessory products such as the spinners, the checklists and the goal setters are able to hang from pegs on the pegboard, again offering more of a "grand central station" for your child.

3.  Will the Parent's Guide explain exactly how to use the system?
     The Parent's Guide offers general advice about the use of the system.  The beauty of the system, though, is that it can be tailored to your family's needs, schedules, etc.  For example, if your schedule is so hectic that you just need your child to complete his or her chores by the end of the week, then you can tailor it that way...or you could mandate that your children complete chores and responsibilities each day by bedtime.  There is no ONE way to use the system, but the Parent's Guide does offer explanation for every aspect of the system. 

4.  How do I purchase a system that will accommodate more than one child?
     Ideally, each child has his or her own board.  However, we do understand that not every budget has the wiggle room and not every home has the space, so we have created add-on kits to add more than one child to a board.  If you decide you would like your children to share a board, please purchase one responsibility system, then an add-on kit for an additional child.  Each board, however, can hold a maximum of two children.  This is a great way to get started because you can decide later on whether or not you would prefer one board per child, and order the extra supplies a la carte, or buy the station completion kit to take it from the add-on kit to the full station.

5.  Are the chores pre-printed on the chore sticks?
     No.  The chores are up to you, and should be reasonable for your household and lifestyle, as well as age-appropriate for your child(ren).  One end of the chore stick is printed with "thank you" to encourage mutual respect, while the other end is blank.  Just fill in the chore you decide is appropriate for your child with a pen!

6.  We don't believe in paying our children for things they should already be doing around the house.  Does the Fisherkids system pay for everything listed on the weekly planning magnet?
     No.  We agree.....the family is a team and there should be a reasonable amount of things around the house that kids do to help out the team.  Our mission is to bring the family closer together, and one way of encouraging this is to teach children that they should participate in keeping the family functioning at a healthy level.  The weekly planning magnet is designed to allow for these team-activities (like, for example, making a bed, keeping a room tidy, etc.), as well as for the chores a child selects from the chore chooser bin.

7.  How much should I be paying my child?
     That is completely up to you.  Please keep in mind, though, the true NEEDS of the child.  For instance, a teen-ager may need to be buying gasoline for a car, so perhaps his or her commission is higher to accommodate needs.  A three-year-old, however, already has shelter, clothes, food, and transportation provided for them, so their commission is really just for toys!

8.  Is the consequence spinner already filled in with consequences for my child's behavior?

     No.  There are spaces on the spinner for you to fill in the consequences.  There is one pre-printed grace space on the spinner.

9.  What quotes are included in the paycheck notepad?
     Quotes from historical figures, celebrities, or works of literature are the sources for the quotes (with the exception of one juicy tidbit I overheard my children saying...)  The Bible is used as a source of quotations, but is used as a work of literature, not as a specific religious promotion.

10.  Are there any resources available to me once I purchase a responsibility system?
     Yes!  We have a section of our site ("resources") that offers ideas, products, and crafts to help you as you continue your journey of raising responsible children.  Ideas include teaching your child to save, spend, and give; a guide for grandparents to understand "kids these days"; fun ideas for family time; thoughtful ideas for simplifying life to its basic form: the family; and many many more.  Your purchase also includes a subscription to our e-newsletter that goes out monthly.  The newsletter includes product launches, advice, motivation, etc. as well as sales and promotions.  We have social media pages as well, and we try to update those daily.  We have a video blog as well as a content hub blog.  Finally, we have an app available in the apple app store called "Savings Setter."  We firmly believe that the more resources we provide parents, the more successful we all will be as we raise our children responsibly.

11.  Do you donate to auctions and benefits?
Absolutely!  We LOVE to donate product!  However, the list of requests is long, and we are able to donate to a set number of benefits per quarter.  Please email us and attach your donation request letter.  Put DONATION REQUEST in the subject line.

12.  Do you have any discount codes or coupons I can use?
     We periodically run sales and promotions via our website or social media pages.  We joined several flash sale sites and collective buying sites in the past and although they were extremely successful at getting our name out to the world, we simply cannot afford to keep our price affordable and offer those deep discounts.  We have hopes of helping families for generations to come, so we must be careful how we discount our products in order to keep our doors open.  We are grateful to the discount sites for including us, but unfortunately, many small businesses fall into demise by trying to compete via discount marketing and we do not plan to be one of those.  Thank you for understanding and thank you for your support.

"If I fish for you, you eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime."