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Well, we offer motivation.  We offer support.  We offer tips, ideas, advice to real-world problems or predicaments when it comes to raising responsible children.  Aside from the obvious: all three learning spheres are in one spot (independent living, accountability, financial wisdom) and are permanently placed in the home to avoid out-of-sight- out-of-mind, we try to keep parents engaged as well as the children!  We have newsletters chock full of ideas, video blogs, instructional videos, online blogs....we could go on but we are exhausted just typing it.  So if we don't have what you need....simply email or call us and we will do our very best to cater to your needs.  It takes a village to raise children....and in the ever-broadening world, it takes a global village. 

Remember: we raise our children in a marathon, not a sprint.  Perfection is NEVER the don't set yourself up for it.  Be real, be honest, and don't even try to keep up with the Joneses.  It just makes life stressful.  Rather, enjoy it.  Enjoy the time we have on this planet.  At times it may seem like an eternity, but it is ever brief, so let's breathe and enjoy.  


Our product development team firmly believes that our products must be sleek and stylish for our homes, fill a need among parents all over the globe, but first and foremost, must be engaging to children.  If we don't have buy-in from the end-user, how will we ever be successful?

In order to engage children (3 - 18), we must develop products that intrinsical
ly motivate them.  We strive to appeal to "the four Cs":  children's sense of curiosity & creativity, their need for challenge, and we design for a controlled environment.

We used a magnetic pegboard as our substrate for one primary purpose:  flexibility.  The problem with so many other chore/reward systems is that in order to succeed, we have to follow them perfectly.  Our lives are NEVER perfect, so we ultimately fail.  Please remember one thing from our company, if nothing else:  our goal as parents is to take 18 years or longer to teach our children to live responsibly.    So if one day, one week, or even a few months doesn't go according to plan, just pick it right back up....we are in a marathon, not a sprint!  We have plenty of time to teach our sit back, relax, and enjoy it all.  Don't get so frazzled, don't let chaos get the best of you, and stay flexible!

Teach delayed gratification in a world of everything instant. Our app lets you enter your child's commission, take a picture of the goal, & shows how long 'til purchase!


Check out our introductory video before you decide to buy.  We explain how the system works, why we designed it the way we did, and *bonus* you even get to meet our Nana!

How many children per board? How do I introduce this to my family? Please read our most frequently asked questions, but should you not find the answer, give us a shout!

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Download our Parent's Guide to help you get started.  We discuss why we created the responsibility station and how to make it work for your family. Fisherkids chore charts for kids  educational toys

Parent's guide

We send out monthly newsletters (well....we aim for monthly, but sometimes life gets in the way!), and here you can access our archives.  Lots of topics covered, so dig in!



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"If I fish for you, you eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime."